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Dear Yuletide Author

Hi author! I tend to have lots of very specific fic wants I dwell on and daydream about and sigh over and thus have a hard time giving more general suggestions come Yuletide. That's a failing of my prompting abilities, not a fair representation of my expectations! I take Optional Details Are Optional very seriously, and have never been disappointed with Yuletide gifts that veer from my obnoxious prompts.

So! That said:

In general:
I like fluff and domesticity and kidfic! Getting a house together, moving in together, shopping for curtains, adopting a baby, having a baby, babysitting adventures, whatever. I like character pieces, in-depth looks at what makes someone tick, why they do what they do, what's going on in their heads. I like people who are intrinsically linked together, rivalries that are so long-running they're basically friendships, those sorts of bonds where sometimes it's hard to tell whether they're friends, lovers, or enemies. But above all, I like fic about my favorites, so don't worry about me being picky!

I don't like a/b/o or any universe with that sort of genetic predisposition to sex roles, unhappy endings, and...uh...I think those two just about cover it, actually.

Make It Or Break It:
I just want ANYTHING and everything about these two. Gen about their rivalry pushing them to be better competitors? What if losing that rivalry in becoming a team during S3 is the reason Kelly was no longer competing at her old level? Ooh, or hot dirty locker room hatesex? Taunting each other as foreplay? Or or or adorable domestic futurefic! Rock coach Payson and socialite Kelly and their nice suburban home always full of bb gymnasts? Payson helping Kelly deal with her mom issues? ANYTHING.

Payson and Kelly are basically my #1 favorite rival ship, and I'm so sad the show didn't go where I wanted it to with intense rivalry -> intense friendship. That's really what I want - whatever kind of relationship they have (rival gymnasts turned rival Olympians turned rival coaches? rival gymnasts turned bff Olympians turned girlfriends?) I am so into reading about the transitions they make, the transitions they don't, and the way that intensity they had in season 1 shifts and fades and intensifies and changes etc.

The Empires fic of my soul revolves around pining douchebag Ryan and oblivious Max. I'd especially love something about how that dynamic led to Ryan leaving the band - he mistakes Max's obliviousness for rejection, and leaves, or Max tries to shut down the flirting because he thinks Ryan's just trying to get a rise out of him, and Ryan leaves, or they bang and there's awkwardness and feelings and rather than dealing with it Ryan leaves. IDK, pining and feelings and awkwardness and running away and then fixing it????

I think my signup pretty much says it all? IDK, my perception of Ryan is very much a douchey womanizey bro kind of guy, and Max the bb musical genius who isn't overly shy or awkward or anything he just doesn't have a ton of faith in his ability to read people. And I love the idea of Ryan the OTT flirting with everybody bro really MEANING the flirting he does with Max but Max has literally zero way of knowing that because Ryan flirts with everyone exactly the same way, and all the misunderstandings that arise from that.

Happy Endings:
The thing I love most about this show is the ensemble, but my second favorite is the way episodes tend to separate the ensemble into smaller groups and look at the ways everyone influences each other and what characteristics tend to come out aroud which set of people. That said, I will be happy with pretty much anything tonally similar to the show. Brad and Jane are my favorite tv couple EVER, and Max and Alex are my favorite characters EVER (I know Max isn't in the official tag set, so no pressure to write him!), but really, I miss this show so much I will be happy with absolutely anything.

Happy Endings just might be my favorite show ever. I love everything about it - all the characters, even the terrible ones, all the jokes, even the terrible ones, all the everything, even when it's not at its best. I think the Happy Endings fic of my soul would be Brad & Jane finally deciding to have the baby they backburnered in the pilot, and all the ensuing shenanigans, but I guarantee I will love anything.

Douchey Pseudo-Request Time!!: Here is where I emphasize one more time that I am 100000% an Optional Details Are Optional purist! I do not genuinely expect you to tackle this, author, unless you are by rare chance the one person I know who is familiar with both these fandoms. I just...they are both Chicago-based and ridiculous and I have wanted for a very long time a Happy Endings/Empires crossover with shenanigans and adventures and Ryan & Alex being beautiful idiots at each other or Sean & Dave comparing haircuts and v-necks or the Maxes interacting in any way because they would not understand each other at AAAAAAALL. I cannot pass up this chance to fish for treats, author, but I repeat that I don't expect this from you!

Mad Men:
Pete/Peggy is the OTP of my soul, but I kind of mean it in a broader sense than usual? Like, I am into any variety of setting them off as a pair - romantically, friends, antagonistic allies, enemies, etc. And I love about Bob that he offers Pete explicitly something Pete both needs and thinks he deserves - someone to fix all his problems and adore him - in a package Pete can't accept, at least not right away. I'm getting pretty tired of the way Pete's in constant downward spirals, I've mostly given up hope that the show will let him actually hit bottom so he can start climbing back up, but I'd kind of like to see things go right for him in fic at least. But if you don't want to write Pete, or at least not in a positive light, I'd be happy with Peggy and Bob: Best Bros fic, too!

Yes that covers it. I'll just emphasize that I am totally okay with Peggy & Bob hanging out without Pete fic, and would even prefer that to anything as negative about Pete as the show tends to be. Like, he can be a negative terrible little shit in the background, that is A-OK, I just get way more than my fill of focusing on all the ways he is terrible and deserves what he's gotten from the show.

Beauty And The Beast (TV 2012):
This is probably one of my sillier wants? I'm only really watching the show because of the actress who plays Heather, so I pay more attention to her than I think the show really expects me to, and I am so into the idea of Cat's sister and BFF hooking up (even just becoming friends!) while Cat's all wrapped up in her Vincent thing. I just want all the fic where they start hanging out because of Cat and become super tight friends and spend all their time worrying/venting about Cat or teaming up to super-sleuth and figure out what Cat's deal is (it's been a while since I watched so I can't remember if either of them know about Vincent by now? But w/e) or kissing and having feelings because they are both great and hot and kissable and stuff. IDK IDK I spent the whole season going "so pretty! they should be pretty TOGETHER" so my ideas are not the most super specific.

I try not to do this because I am always worried it will come off dismissive or un-fun or un-challenging to someone who's into the canon for different reasons than I am, but this is pretty much my silly eye-candy show of the moment so I don't have a ton of deeper character thoughts than "PUT YOUR PRETTY FACES TOGETHER AND KISS!!!!" Like, I genuinely do feel like Heather and Tess could have this amazing "we are kind of opposite but not totally" pair of personalities that I find work really well when rallied around a central point (loving and being weirded out by and caring about and laughing at Cat).

Pop Music RPF
Oh gosh I hope if this is what we matched on you are one of those authors who enjoys having a lot of freedom and not much in the way of prompts because I keep trying to come up with specifics and landing on "I LOVE HER SO MUCH, GIMME FIC." I will really genuinely appreciate any Nicki fic at all. I'd love something in any of her video universes (or other video universes, like Turn Me On or the one with Madonna and MIA [feel 10000% free to ship her with either of them! Or pretty much anyone she's collaborated with except please no Chris Brown]), particularly Fly because I'm partial to post-apocalyptic-esque worlds (and also Rihanna). IDK, I want anything anything Nicki-centric!

I'll just reiterate my "anything goes" feelings here, and apologize again for not being more detailed.hits counter

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