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Recognize Myself: Bonus Content

You should definitely leave tons of love in the comments for my fabulous artist and mixer :D

Recognize Myself - iamthelolrus

Guys, omg, this mix. When I opened the e-mail I spent a few minutes just flapping my hands and making delighted faces at the tracklisting before I could even listen to it. Right off the bat, I fell in love, not least because there are three songs on this mix that were actually on the playlist I listened to while writing. It's charmingly eclectic, and when listened to as a whole really works with how I wanted this fic to come across.

1) Friend Is A Four Letter Word by Cake
2) World War III by Jonas Brothers
3) Sex Changes by the Dresden Dolls
4) Bitter-Sweet by the Venus In Furs
5) The Words "Best Friend" Become Redefined by Chiodos
6) How to Disappear Completely by Radhiohead
7) Fat and Alone by Pencey Prep
8) Boots by the Killers
9) Alone by Jon Walker
10) A House Is Not A Home by Glee Cast
11) With A Little Help From My Friends by the Beatles
12) Whataya Want From Me by Adam Lambert

Download the mix.


"Ryan's smile is big and dopey and chocolate-smeared, and it would just be stupid not to kiss him." - moku_youbi

I am so completely in love with this art, omg. Jon's adorable kitchen! Clover on the counter because Jon is absolutely that dude who lets his pets hang out wherever they want! I love the kiss, how only their arms and lips are touching but it's still crazy intimate.

Author's Notes:I chose this scene for a couple reasons, one, because it appealed to me visually and was one of the more physically descriptive scenes in the fic, but also because I really loved the sense of closure it gave to the whole fic/Jon's journey. I didn't know enough about current Jon to guess how he should appear physically in this scene, so I used a reference earlier in the fic to Jon's longer hair and shaving his facial hair...I hope it works :D Wish I could have fit more of the pets in. Just imagine Marley and Clover begging at their feet.
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