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makeup meme!

So possibly you noticed I posted one day of the Week In The Life meme and vanished? I took pictures for a few days, then had to pick up a new memory card reader, and when I plugged the reader in it crashed iPhoto, then my entire computer. The kind of crash where afterwards the computer doesn't know it has a hard drive? It was funtimes.

But who cares I am not here for that I am here to show you MAKEUP by which I mean NAIL POLISH because other makeup confuses me. I have a TON of polish (118 bottles! Plus 10 bottles of top coats/base coats/treatments!) so there are a TON of pictures.

The Collection

As of right now I keep my polishes in an 8.1 litre box from Really Useful Boxes. I have issues with the basic concept of a box for polish (soon I will have wall-mounted racks!) but these are easily the best I've tried.

Base Coats/Top Coats/Treatments

Yes, I have two-and-a-half bottles of Seche Vite. I keep losing it and buying more. Same with Gelous. Although the milky bottle of Gelous is a franken base coat (Gelous, Seche Retain, Poshe) that was working really well for a while but after the last splash of Poshe I added started peeling. I use it sometimes for a treatment when I need something less prone to chipping/wearing off than Rebuild.


I was ALL OVER crackle for a while and then I burned myself out so I haven't worn them for a while. I assume in the future I will love them again. Also, I cannot reccomend nail polish thinner enough. Even (especially) if you aren't a frequent polish wearer. It makes goopy old bottles un-gooped so you don't have to throw them away!


I wish I had more pinks. I have a tendency to pass them by in favor of more unique colors when I shop, but I am, like, always in the mood for pink polish and need MOAR.


The Zoya is called Nicole. That is all the commentary I have on the reds I guess.


I have whined a lot lately about how I don't have any good oranges. That was a total lie, sorry for lying to you Twitter. I have Papaya Punch (the China Glaze in the middle) and Riveting (the other China Glaze) so I have the BEST oranges. Still plan to buy moar though.


I made myself stop buying yellows a while ago because I love them but they hate me. This is such a sad little pile though, maybe just a COUPLE more?


Green tends to be the color I go for when I'm passing over all the pinks for being not-unique-enough. LOOK HOW MANY PRETTIES so many interesting finishes *___*


Blues agree with me super well. So I keep buying them. FASCINATING.


Fun fact: I am physically incapable of seeing a purple I like and not buying it.

Rainbow in a Box!

I used getting them all out for the meme as an excuse to reorganize. OH GOD LOOK *____* SO PRETTY *___* I WILL WEAR THEM ALL *____*


I originally started keeping blacks/whites/greys in a separate box because of space reasons, but even when I have enough space to put them in with the colors I keep them out now. I never want a black/white/grey when I'm digging through the colors, anyway, and it keeps the rainbow box so much rainbow-ier. Also I had no idea I didn't have a straight-up white until I was doing the meme. SHOPPING TIME?????


I have so much gold because when Vices & Virtues came out I went on a hunt for the perfect gold to try and replicate the pretty pattern on the box set as nail art. Gold disagrees with me the way yellow does, though. Copper does not *___*

Pigmented Glitters

Sparkle sparkle sparkle. Sparkle, my pretties *____*

Other Glitters

Siiiiigh all the pretties. Sometimes I am tempted to just layer all the rainbow glitters on top of each other but I think the happiness would kill me.

I did not take a picture of the neutrals/metals/glitters box so you will have to use your ~imagination~. Also I briefly considered listing all the polish names under the pictures but was way too lazy, so if you want to know about a color, feel free to ask!


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